Welcome to Pixels In My Pocket

Hello! Welcome to the digital home of my ramblings. You’ll find this corner of the web to be a little random but full of passion.

I wish I could welcome you with a cup of coffee/tea or glass of wine and we could settle in for a long talk. Whether online or in person, I’m usually gabbing about something related to creating the world we want to live in. This is the driving motivation behind pretty much everything we do as a family from homeschooling to the foods we eat.

In the last year, our family has really stepped fully into living our purpose. It’s been a slow, meandering path but I feel we’ve gotten our footing now.

Our homeschooling journey started January 2017 with my daughter in eighth grade and my son in third. Before that, I was fully in the hustle of building a graphic and web design business. We were all stressed and fumbling on a daily basis but I was making money and my kids were getting good grades so I thought we were “living the dream”.

But this darn voice kept whispering in my ear that things could be better, happier, more connected.

I had been ignoring that message for a long time, driving myself toward some external version of success. That’s when illness hit and everything came into focus.

Now, I’m saturated in gratitude for the ability to pivot our lives. It took us this entire year to tune back into our internal compasses and find healing. It’s hard to create a version of family and adulthood that is authentic and not just duplicated from our past. But that is the work we’re all here to do.

Whatever is going on in your life, I hope this space is one of encouragement for you. Our culture sends so many messed up messages our way about education, happiness, success, healing, etc. But if we can slow down long enough to look in the eyes of those we love and listen to our own voice, we can find the way!