The ability to trust others and feel secure in relationships is vital to our well being. But where does trust come from?

Usually, it’s forged through time when someone shows they’ll make good choices and be kind.

So what happens when someone doesn’t behave in a manner worthy of trust? What happens when a system that demands your trust fails to earn it?

Over the years, I’ve been disappointed by many of our ubiquitous systems. This includes religion (church), the medical experts, education and almost anything involving government.

And I realized something.

Every system that has let me down isn’t really necessary. If I would shift my focus from receiving guidance and assistance from these systems, I could trust myself to do a much better job.


Organized religion was the first system that started to lose my trust. I grew up immersed in church. Every conversation and social outing was anchored in church. But most of the teaching confused me. I didn’t feel a spiritual connection no matter how hard I studied, prayed or attended.

Then it dawned on me that the connection I was seeking already existed deep within me.

And that my outward seeking was diminishing this connection. There is a divine spirit that gave me life and made me a quirky, passionate, optimistic, fiery soul. The connection to that spirit is woven throughout me. And you.

Here’s the best part: I can tap into it anytime I choose. Without the guidance or intercession of someone else.


The medical industry was the next system on the chopping block.

Now, let me tell you something. If I’m hit by a bus, take me to the ER. Otherwise, I’m good. Regular checkups? No, thanks.

We are a family dedicated to holistic healing and it’s working {literal} wonders for us. Of course, we’ve had significant battles to fight. But through the use of amazing products like Colloidal Silver, Young Living Essential oils and the mentorship of a homeopathic doctor, we’re thriving.

Learning I could trust myself to know what made sense for my family’s healing was another big realization. This includes such simple, rustic habits as making bone broth weekly, eliminating processed foods, incorporating daily movement, managing our mindsets, etc.


Next, it got to the point where I could no longer convince myself that what my kids did at school all day amounted to what they truly needed.

To me, the goal of learning is to expand our minds, nourish our curiosity, engage our strengths and allow us to form community. This is how we create our best life and become who we’re meant to be.

I was a teacher when I first got married, and I loved it. But the world I taught in is not the one we live in now. I’d say the majority of children receive an assembly line “education”.

My sister is an amazing, progressive teacher. I adore talking to her about what she’s doing with her students because we obviously share the same vision of education. But the environment she curates was not the one my kids had in school.

So, we began homeschooling in January of 2017. Whoa, what a wild ride! Without a doubt, this has been the most rigorous, exhausting, thrilling, expansive experience of my life. We often call it Hackschooling because we get to approach every nuance of learning from our own angle. And we pursue mastery without a timeframe.

Mastery or bust! (I need that on a bumper sticker.)

Leardership (or lack thereof)

I’ve kind of run out of steam on this rant but I can’t leave off the good ol’ US government. This is another situation in which almost everything done by the system makes literally not an ounce of sense to me. I’m often left wondering how, in the name of all that matters, this could really be the best we can do. So trust for Uncle Sam and the rest of the cronies is at zero.

Trusting Ourselves

The result of all these discoveries is that I’ve learned to turn my gaze inward.

I also learned that almost everything I need is available from the people in my tribe or community. Conversations with my kids about virtues has led to a lot of spiritual work within our family. Sharing our health struggles with a close friend led us to a doctor who has changed the way we see health and healing. Deciding to take learning into our own hands has transformed our family’s entire dynamic and future.

I’m still hopeful that we’ll see significant changes in our paradigm during my lifetime. But, until then, I’ll do everything I can to avoid all the systems.

What does trust look like for you?

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