My list of must-dos seems to get longer every day. As a homeschooling, work-from-home mom, I have a pretty full plate. But one thing I’ve learned is that exercise is NOT something I can drop when things get busy.

Moving my body isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight and the strength to keep up with my kiddos; it’s about maintaining my sanity.

For years, I relied on a combination of classes at my local gym and trips to our local lake with a beautiful 2.5 mile loop for a brisk run. The decision to homeschool brought with it a tightening of the budget and made heading to the gym or lake too time consuming. My frustration level (and the numbers on the scale) started to climb as I struggled to figure out how to fit exercise into my increasingly full day.


Enter Megan Ewoldsen and her Strive app. Let me tell you that I’ve never been someone who could consistently exercise at home. I’ve owned weights, bands, an exercise ball and a treadmill for years and have used them when in a pinch. But I always thought I needed the stimulus of the gym or a run outdoors to be effective.

Megan launched the Strive app earlier this year and I figured I’d give it a try with the 7 day free trial. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this app, Megan’s workouts, and the Strive with Megan facebook community was what I needed. I signed up for the monthly subscription (at less than $14/month!) in June of this year and have been using the workouts 3-5 days a week ever since.

Without a doubt, the Challenges that Megan offers are what set this app apart from other options for me. When I first cancelled my gym membership, I tried using multiple YouTube channels as a guide in my exercise. But I wasted time looking for a video and there wasn’t a structure to how I was working the different parts of my body. The Strive app solves this problem for me with the Challenges which assign one workout to each day of the week, including stretching and active rest on the weekends. So, every day, I just open my app and hit “Start” on the workout. No thinking for this decision fatigued mama!

My day starts early with some time focused on my man, making him breakfast and coffee. From there, I have morning time with the kiddos. Usually, by 10:00 I’ve finished read alouds and have set up independent assignments to give me about an hour. My goal is to finish the workout, grab a shower, and get dressed for the day by 11:00. My workout time is the buffer from the external demands in my life. It also serves as a reminder that I need things, and that making time for those things is just as important as what I do for everyone else.

Are you a momma that needs a {semi}daily workout? If so, how do you get yours? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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