Yesterday I found myself back in bed at 2:00 pm. Both kids were sitting on the bed and I had the covers pulled over my head. We were supposed to be schooling but I was out of gas.

Earlier that day, Jeannie, a design client, had come over for discussions about how to market the opening of her store. Part of this homeschooling and work at home gig is figuring out how to give everybody what they need. I’d set the kids up with work they could do independently so I could focus on my client and her questions. The training went well and Jeanie left happy.

I thought I’d managed this morning’s juggling act successfully. However, by lunchtime, I crashed. My brain wouldn’t rally for a lesson on pronouns and essay writing. The kiddos were looking at me expectantly and I just couldn’t manage another person needing something from me.


What the heck was wrong with me. My mood had gone from efficient, home/business manager to “I need to hide under the covers right now!” Whenever there’s a crazy swing in my vibe I ask myself these 5 questions. The issue is {almost} always related to one of these things.

Am I getting enough sleep?

This is the first question I asked myself in this particular scenario because I already knew the answer. No. I don’t sleep great on a normal day but I was exceptionally tired. My husband is an avid Dodger fan and they’re in the World Series right now. So he’s been coming to bed super late. This, combined with the fact that I’d stayed up the night before {binge watching the Office}, meant I didn’t get to sleep until after 1:00 am.

Bad choice, mama.

Have I moved my body today?

My mood is very closely tied to the quantity and quality of movement I’m getting. This usually means doing one of the Strive workouts or a run at the lake. But, in a pinch, a rigorous Just Dance match against my kids or 15 minutes on the trampoline will work.

Even though I know I’ll be a jerkface if I don’t exercise, it’s still hard to make myself do it {almost} every day.

What am I using for fuel?

Have I been lazy and unattentive with my food? I can always tie my mood to the amount of time I spent prepping food over the weekend. I don’t mind eating a bowl of chicken, rice, beans, and veggies several times a week. But, if I don’t spend an hour making a batch of something healthy, I will most definitely resort to fistfuls of tortilla chips eaten in the laundry room while switching out loads.

This is not the way to fuel my body or my mood.

Have I gotten any solo time or girlfriend time?

I’m an introvert with a people-filled life. I homeschool and work closely with my clients. I neeeeeeed time to myself to write, create, think, and just veg out. This is how I refuel. I also need time with my girlfriends to feel balanced and connected. I didn’t learn this about myself until after I had kids.

It takes effort to carve this time out and my mood definitely suffers when I don’t.

Am I overcommitted?

My life is a series of homeschool prep and execution, running my kids from one activity to another, planned work for clients, unplanned client needs, and trying to keep my house {somewhat} clean. It’s easy for me to end up with a week bursting with commitments.

Talk about a recipe for a foul mood!

It’s surprising how often I find myself grumpy and realize I’ve forgotten to honor these 5 hacks.

If you’ve found other hacks for maintaining a level mood, I’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments below.


  • Love this!! So True and great questions to ask ourselves!! I also struggle with starting my day out being super productive but then find myself grabbing a cup of coffee (go juice) around 4 to get me through. Thanks for sharing!

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